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To thrive, companies must leverage data to understand trends, predict outcomes, and innovate. Data experts are instrumental to helping companies achieve this. On this learning path, gain skills and apply analytic tools to analyze data, predict outcomes, and visualize results professionally.

Data Analyst Badge

At a glance

  • Learn the basics of data and analysis tools
  • Earn industry-recognized credentials
  • Complete a fundamental course in 7 hours

Uncover key insights to help companies make critical decisions

All organizations deal with data in one way or another. You’ll be able to apply this highly-valued skillset to a variety of sectors in various analytics capacities.

Some examples of jobs that require expertise in working with data:

  • Data analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Quantitative analyst
  • Operations analyst
  • Data analytics consultant

Learn new skills to join the growing data sector

137000 plus

By 2025, there will be 137,630 data science job openings in India, rising from 62,793 jobs in 2020.

35 percent

The market for data analysts is growing fast, with 35% growth anticipated from 2021-2031 in the United States.

Build core skills for a data role

This course will take you through the core skills required for a rewarding role in data. Among other things, you will learn how to:

Understand data science and methodologies, and the data scientist profession

Import and clean data sets, analyze visual data, and build machine learning models with Python

Use common data science tools, languages, and libraries

Apply data science skills, techniques, and tools to a final project and report

Earn verified professional credentials

Digital credentials are verified proof of your subject matter expertise. Once you earn your credentials from IBM, you can share them on your LinkedIn page or resume. Potential employers will review your credentials to validate your competency in critical skill areas.

Course Journey

1. Awareness

Learn the basis of data

2. Comprehension

Dive deeper into the field, and demonstrate your new skills

3. Application*

Learn about applying your new skills on the job with project-based learning

*Application courses are only available to users associated with certain programs within IBM SkillsBuild partner organizations.

4. Data analyst certificate

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