Information Technology Fundamentals

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Information technology

There are over 14 billion devices connected to the internet around the world, and IT experts provide crucial support to keep them running safely and smoothly each day. On this learning path, gain critical skills in IT, like technical troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Information Technology Fundamentals

At a glance

  • Learn the basics of IT
  • Earn industry-recognized credentials
  • Complete a fundamental course in 11 hours

Communicate complexity with empathy—and earn customer trust

IT professionals are the most important touchpoint that a customer has with a company. They are expert connectors, capable of translating complex technical information while capturing feedback, solving problems, and serving as an empathetic customer advocate.

Learn new skills to join the growing IT sector

15 percent

In the US, there are 75,000 job opportunities for IT support technicians projected to open from 2021-2031.

8-10 million

The Indian IT and IT-enabled services (ITES) industry aims to hire 8-10 million people by the end of 2023.

Build core skills for an IT role

This course will take you through the core skills required for a rewarding role in IT. Among other things, you will learn how to:

Provision, install, and configure hardware, software, and systems

Maintain devices and computer networks

Investigate and solve technical and systemic issues

Support end users through issues and request resolution

Earn verified professional credentials

Digital credentials are verified proof of your subject matter expertise. Once you earn your credentials from IBM, you can share them on your LinkedIn page or resume. Potential employers will review your credentials to validate your competency in critical skill areas.

Course Journey

1. Awareness

Learn about the basics of IT

2. Comprehension

Dive deeper into the field, and demonstrate your new skills

3. Application*

Learn about applying your new skills on the job with project-based learning

*Application courses are only available to users associated with certain programs within IBM SkillsBuild partner organizations.

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